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Your Monthly Ho’o Ku’u Membership program includes…

  • Monthly Ho’o Ku’u Webinars - We’ll clear your blocks live on Zoom Webinars, once a month. Get over the blocks preventing you from moving towards health, wealth, and happiness
  • Q&A And Coaching - After we clear your blocks, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you want. Patients normally pay me thousands of dollars to get access to me...But this is also included with your membership!
  • Recordings of all Monthly Webinars - Even if you can’t make the webinars live, you’ll never miss any content we cover. 
  • “Deep Dive Discovery Questions” - These are powerful reflection questions that will help you release deeper and deeper blocks, and get crystal clear on your goals
  • ​Recording of the full Ho’o Ku’u Process - You can also use this recording to clear any blocks that pop up in between monthly webinars. The more blocks you clear, the faster you’ll grow and evolve!
  • A 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - So You Don’t Have Any Risk On Your Shoulders. Feel Confident In Signing Up For Monthly Ho’o Ku’u!
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What Our Students are Saying About Clearing Their Blocks...

“Working With Dr. Patrick Scott Was The Breakthrough I’ve Been Waiting For, For Years! Every Single Area Of My Life Has Measurably Improved.”

- Darryl Elvina
“Working with Dr. Patrick Scott to clear my blocks was the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for for years! Every single area of my life has measurably improved. My income has increased. I’m finding more fulfillment from my work than ever before. My relationships are getting deeper, especially with myself. I’m hitting health goals that I’ve had for awhile, but could never seem to reach. And on most days, I’m in a default state of being happy. I’m making rapid progress on all areas of my life, and I’m not nearly as hard on myself as I was before Dr. Patrick Scott’s teachings."

“Huna Energy Work Is Like A Cheat Code To Feel Good, Have More Energy, Have More Clarity, And Have More Direction.”

- Isaac Owens
“I use the Huna techniques I learned from Kumu Patrick to preserve and protect my energy. When I’m feeling mental fog, I use them to increase my clarity. When I’m feeling drowsy, I also use them to give myself a boost. Huna energy work is like a cheat code to feel good, have more energy, have more clarity, and have more direction.”

“I Was Burning Out Often And Having A Hard Time 
Keeping Up With My Well-Being.”

-Jocelyn Burke, MA Ed. 
"I found Huna after practicing other healing modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and yoga, and while I was skeptical at first, I can now say it is my favorite modality to work with personally and professionally. At first I found it hard to understand how to work with and apply this concept of "energy", I was burning out often and having a hard time keeping up with my well-being. Doing a few workshops and symbols initiations with Dr. Patrick really helped me to see how I could better work with energy in my own life for my own healing and well-being, and how I would apply it in the coaching, teaching and healing work I've been doing with others. Now, I absolutely love the incredible amount of energy I have been able to tap into on a daily basis through Huna practices I have integrated into my life, and all of the tools I now have to share with my clients to get even faster and better results!"
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