This Shaman’s Secret Is The Most Powerful Technique You’ll Ever Find For Clearing Negative Emotions, Past Traumas, And Limiting Beliefs… 
Finally get over the blocks preventing you from moving towards health, wealth, presence, and happiness
Clearing These Blocks Is The Key To Achieving The Goals And Fulfillment You Want Out Of Life... 

And this Shaman’s Secret is completely different from anything else you’ve ever encountered before.

For one, you don’t need to be consciously aware of any of your blocks to actually clear them...

And as a practicing therapist and executive coach for over 25 years…

I can confidently say this Shaman’s Secret is the most powerful technique I’ve ever found.

It clears negative emotions, past traumas, limiting beliefs, and any kind of energetic blocks in the mind, body, and spirit.
Until recently, this Shaman’s Secret was purposefully kept hidden.

But that’s all changing today.

You’ll see why Western Society has it all wrong when it comes to getting rid of traumas, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs…

As well as why most other practices, esoteric or otherwise, are merely putting band-aids on the problem.
You’ll even get to experience a unique kind of energy and clear out some of your blocks here on this page.

Only a small group of people have experienced the transformation that comes with this Shaman’s Secret… But the effects are undeniable.

Like They Were For Elana, Who Completely Turned Her Situation Around With This Shaman’s Secret
Elana was an energy worker who was desperately trying to grow her business online. 

Her family never had a lot of money growing up, so deep in her unconscious were beliefs like:

“I don’t deserve money”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees, there isn’t enough money”
“Rich people are assholes”

And on top of that, she had several blocks that prevented her from taking risks and expressing herself.

So no matter how hard she tried... 

She couldn’t help but play small and stay stuck.

But today, after going through the Shaman’s Secret… 

Elana’s nearly doubled her income, and her friends say she’s happier and less stressed than she’s ever been before.

Josh was a practicing therapist who was also struggling to get clients.

He had a hard time tapping into the emotions he was feeling, and fear of intimacy kept him from keeping a long term relationship. 

Josh felt like an imposter. He helped others clear their issues, while knowing he was unable to clear his own.

He used to be reluctant and skeptical of the more “out there” techniques, like reiki, hypnosis, and past life regressions. 

But because he’d seen some results with those… 

And because ultimately he’s someone committed to growth…

He was open to going through the Shaman’s Secret technique with me. 
Now he charges far more, works with less clients who he absolutely enjoys serving, and is in a committed relationship. 

These people were only a few of the clients who’ve had their lives changed with this Shaman’s Secret.

And you’re getting access to the same exact breakthrough.
Imagine clearing out limiting beliefs, past traumas, and any kind of negative emotions that have been preventing you from achieving your goals...

You could:
  • Be who you’re meant to be without worrying about anyone else’s standards or expectations of you
  • Hit your health goals, and be happy with your body
  • Attract and invite more love, romance, and connection in your life
  • ​Have increased energy, clarity, and peace of mind
  • ​Make the big leaps in career that you’ve always wanted to
And live your purpose, find your calling, and share your unique gifts with the world.

So Today, I’m Pulling The Curtain Back... 

Not only am I going to explain how and why the Shaman’s Secret works to clear out the blocks that have been preventing you from achieving your goals…

And why this Shaman’s Secret technique is faster, easier, and more powerful than any other technique or modality out there for clearing blocks and healing...

You’ll see how to apply it for yourself, to advance any area of life that you’d like to.

As a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Executive Coach, and Practicing Therapist for over 25 years, I’ll do everything I can to make this as simple as possible for you to understand.

So, let’s get started.
My Name Is Dr. Patrick Scott.
I’ve been a Psychotherapist and Executive Coach for over 25 years.

I’ve helped everyone from CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Reebok, and HBO, to Healthcare Organizations around the world.
I’m also:
  • The Clinical Director of the HeadsUP Guidance And Wellness Centers of Nevada Which Has 20,000+ Active Patients
  • A PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
  • A Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental & Emotional Release® 
  • ​A Certified Master & Consulting Hypnotist
And a Kumu of Huna (which I’ll explain). 

I know, it’s a long list of titles.

But that’s because I’ve made it my life’s mission to serve, heal, and empower individuals, and help them reach their maximum potential.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

I believe if something can get you results, and it feels right to you, then you should explore it.

This belief is what led me to directly learn from and study with people like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Brian Weiss, International Best Selling Author of “Many Lives Many Masters” and Pioneer of Past Life Regression Therapy.

On top of traditional western therapy and psychology…

I used all kinds of unconventional therapeutic techniques. NLP. Hypnosis. Past life regressions.

I even headed a study on Mental and Emotional Release® - an incredible process scientifically proven to be effective in treating everything from bulimia to PTSD within hours, not years - and presented it to 10,000 psychiatrists. 

Any kind of “out there” technique or healing modality you can think of… 

I’d tried to use to make a difference in the lives of my clients. Many are wonderful, and have plenty of value.

But still… I’ve found this Shaman’s Secret to be the most powerful technique I’ve ever used.

It uses a unique kind of energy along with your higher self to clear out blocks, deeper, faster, and easier than anything else. 

I know that may seem vague, but stick with me - I promise, this will be life changing for you. And you’ll get to experience the Shaman’s Secret for yourself!

If You’re Committed To Your Personal Growth, Healing, Or Development…

The unfortunate fact is, if you’re human - you have blocks getting in your way. 

No matter how much personal development you’ve already done… If you don’t currently have what you want, then you still have blocks to work through.

Everyone I’ve ever worked with, from people with net worths in the 9 figures, to people in the ghetto of Las Vegas, all have unconscious blocks. 

The problem with unconscious blocks is that they lead to some form of self sabotage. 

Sometimes obvious, sometimes not-so-obvious, but always preventing us from moving forward.

In other words, it’s because of these unconscious blocks that we aren’t acting in ways that are aligned with our goals. 

After all, we all “know” what to do to be successful. 
We all “know” that losing weight is about eating less, and exercising more.

We “know” that we shouldn’t waste money on things that don’t fulfill us or help us grow. 

We “know” that we can’t get everyone to like us.
No matter what area of life we’re talking about… 

With everything on the internet, there’s more information available to us than ever before on how to be successful.

So why don’t we all do what we “know” we’re supposed to do?
It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Been Blocked And Stuck…

Really, it isn’t your fault. There are multiple ways we can pick up unconscious blocks that prevent us from doing what we should be doing.

To make this clearer, let me share more about Elana, who I mentioned earlier.

Elana originally wanted to find out why she found it so hard to grow her online business.

She’d bought program after program, and worked with a few business coaches.

But she could never get herself to do what it took to find new clients and grow her business. 

So we began with regular therapy when we first started working together. 

As we found out, Elana was in the first grade when the root of her blocks started. 

Elana got a question wrong in class. It made her feel sad.

Elana remembered her dad laughing at her, telling her that “she’d better know the right answer next time!”

In remembering that moment, Elana felt an ugly mixture of anger, sadness, and guilt.

“How could he be acting so horribly? I was just a little girl!”

Little six year old Elana felt angry because her dad made fun of her. 

Then she felt sad and betrayed. 

Then she felt guilty - like she should have known the answer, and been better.

Then, her little 6 year old brain came up with two beliefs:

“If I share how I really feel, I’ll be made fun of… I better not express what I think and feel.”


“If I put myself out there, I’ll just end up getting hurt”.

Elana felt the consequences of those limiting beliefs and negative emotions her entire life. 

They were never fully cleared out until we used the Shaman’s Secret technique.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you’ve missed a deadline or put off finishing projects… 
And you didn’t know it’s because you’re unconsciously afraid of the future responsibilities. 

Maybe you’ve hit a level of success with a diet… And you didn’t know that you unconsciously felt unworthy of hitting your goals. So that may explain all the times you’ve “fallen off the wagon”.
Maybe you’ve driven away a significant relationship just before things were about to get serious, or before they even really started… 

And you didn’t know it’s because your unconscious mind was afraid of having everything you want. 

Yet after we cleared Elana’s blocks, she was finally able to do what she knew she needed to do… 

Without constantly taking two steps forward, two steps back.

Without any resistance from her unconscious mind getting in the way.

Without different forms of self sabotage derailing her progress.

And without feeling like it was all such a struggle.

Even If You Don’t Think Anything Bad Happened To You…

Something as simple as not getting the cookies you wanted as a kid could be the root cause for anger that’s been plaguing you this whole time.

And even if they’re not from our own direct experience, we can pick up baggage from our environment.

Something a relative says, that sticks in our mind.
Something we saw on TV, that made a judgement for us.
Something a teacher said in kindergarten, that left its imprint.

This Shocking Research Shows Where Else Our Blocks Come From… And You’d Never Expect This To Be The Source! 

Groundbreaking research from 2012 in the WIREs Cognitive Science Journal shows emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and memories can be passed on from our parents, grandparents, and ancestors… Through our DNA!

And yes, there’s also evidence that suggests we can get blocks from our past lives. Like research done by prominent psychiatrist Ian Stevenson.

A good percentage of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with have had the root of their issues come from a previous lifetime.
Either way, no matter where you get your blocks…

If you aren’t regularly clearing them, everyday is an opportunity to generate or trigger your blocks… As I’m sure you’ve experienced.

And if you aren’t thorough enough, they’re silently building up in the background.

I’ve worked with many people who came across issues they thought they’d already cleared.

They’d think, “Why is this popping up again?”

Well, now you know why. 

It isn’t your fault that you have them. 

But now that you’re aware of different ways you can get them, it IS your responsibility to clear them. 

This Is Where The Shaman’s Secret Comes In...

So get excited!

The Shaman’s Secret uses a unique kind of energy along with calling your higher self to clear out your blocks.

I’ll explain exactly how it works in just a bit, and I’ll even take you through the process here on this page.
The Shaman’s Secret comes from Huna, an unbroken 28 generation Ancient Hawaiian Lineage of Shamanism. 

Because Hawaii is one of the most remote locations in the entire world, the ancient Hawaiian teachings were completely preserved.

Maybe you’ve heard of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian forgiveness process…
And I’m guessing you’ve heard of Hula dancing? 

Those both come from Huna. 

Huna is not a religion, but it is a spiritual practice. 

There are Huna students who come from all sorts of backgrounds, religious, spiritual, or professional, because Huna offers some very unique tools that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Like the Shaman’s Secret.

The Hawaiian name for the Shaman’s Secret is Ho’o Ku’u, which literally translates to “to make release.” 

In Order For You To Understand How The Shaman’s Secret Works, You Need To Know This:

We've scientifically proven that at the center of everything... is raw energy. 

We have modern quantum physics to thank for that. And you’ll see exactly why this matters.

Spiritual teachings have been teaching this concept of energy for thousands of years.

But when Newton and the scientific revolution happened, knowledge became defined by the motto was "seeing is believing". 

Scientists back then didn't see any energy, so they thought all these ancient teachings about energy were heresy. 

Our consciousness shifted. We started only believing what we could see and measure. 

(As if we could see oxygen, or gravity, or electromagnetic waves!)

Scientists didn’t know their microscopes were the problem. Their microscopes weren’t powerful enough to see deeper layers of matter.
Later on, science discovered cells. Then their measurement devices got better.

They discovered atoms. Then their measurement devices got better.

They discovered subatomic particles. Then their measurement devices got better.

Now, with quantum physics, we've come full circle. 
With the powerful technology that’s available today... 

We have undeniable proof that at the center of every bit of matter is energy. 

We’re quite literally all “beings of light”!

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Science is the new language of mysticism.”

And I’m sure you’ve felt the difference for yourself:

The difference between being in some church or sacred location, or your friends house. 

The difference between a kind stranger, and someone who felt “creepy.”

Funerals or graveyards that feel solemn and “heavy”. 

Being in a state of gratitude and excitement, or fear, depression, or negative thinking.

Energy isn’t weird… We’re just not used to thinking about it as a society.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research has even shown that energy affects our cells first and foremost... 

Before neurotransmitters, chemicals, or anything science used to think was the root cause behind changes in the body.

In short, science and spirituality finally agree. All change starts with energy.

And this all matters because…

The Unconscious Blocks That Have Been Stopping You This Whole Time... Are Just Another Form Of Energy

Anger, sadness, fear, guilt, limiting beliefs… 

It’s all energy that weighs you down and forces you to act unsuccessfully.

This negative energy stays in our nervous systems like viruses - preventing us from experiencing happiness, fulfillment, and our full potential.

Our spirit suffers. Our thinking suffers. Our emotional lives suffer. We don’t act in a way that gets us to our goals.

And on the physical level alone, medical science has verified that this relates to physical issues like weakened immune systems, increased stress, and other chronic issues.

Reiki Practitioners and other energy and light workers know this already. 

Modern doctors and health practitioners are also rapidly catching up. 

But the problem with most forms of energy work is that they don’t go deep enough. They don’t clear out the root cause of blocks.

That’s why even other esoteric practices are simply putting band-aids on the problem.

Yet because the Shaman’s Secret - Ho’o Ku’u - works with your unconscious mind and higher self…

And because I’ll be calling the energy of source, the highest vibration of energy when I lead you through this process… (Source, the universe, whatever you’d like to call it.)

Ho’o Ku’u will completely clear out the energetic root of your blocks. 

The other amazing part of Ho’o Ku’u is that you don’t have to feel the actual feelings of your blocks all over again… 

Not when you follow the process. 

No reliving horrible memories, or experiencing negative emotions all over again.

And even if you haven’t even heard of energy work or energy in this context before, don’t worry.

I’ve seen it over and over again. People who’ve never worked with energy, or even knew it existed at all…

After just a few minutes, they started directing, controlling, and flowing energy.

It’s no surprise - our unconscious minds are preprogrammed with knowing to work with energy. 

It’s just our conscious minds that need to catch up.

Still, I know this may seem a little crazy. 

How could you clear what’s been stopping you for years, in just a few minutes? 

Well, you’ll see.

Try The Energy For Yourself... 

Here, try the energy for yourself.

Did you feel that?

If you feel an energy shift… That’s a lighter version of the same kind of energy we’ll be using with Ho’o Ku’u.

Western Society And Other Esoteric Practices Got This All Wrong... 

Western culture says that it’ll take years of therapy to resolve your blocks.

Or worse, that you’ll have to medicate them away.

But because all these unconscious blocks are simply energy…

They can be removed and dissolved within minutes.

Ho’o Ku’u is the equivalent of years of therapy and coaching in a matter of minutes.

And believe me, I do not say that lightly. It works so well, because of the unique energy that it uses to clear out blocks and baggage.

Use It To Release Fear And Anxiety, Right Here, Right Now...

Again, I know this may all seem crazy. But if you’re open to trying this technique out… 

And temporarily suspending any disbelief you may have…

I promise you, this will literally be life changing. Like it has for my clients. And like it has been for the Huna students who’ve gone through this technique. 

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: I’ll bring in Huna Energy
Step 2: Ask your unconscious mind to light up whatever baggage associated with fear which are ready to release
Step 3: Ask your higher self to come on in and remove the blocks related to fear. Watch as they disappear.  
Step 4: I’ll send more Huna energy to speed up the process. Ask your Higher Self and Unconscious Mind to preserve any learnings.  

Click the video below now so that I can guide you through the process.

Powerful, right?

This is why Ho’o Ku’u is more powerful than any other technique, modality, or therapy I’ve ever encountered…

It’s the combination of Huna energy, plus using your higher self to remove your blocks and negative emotions.

But it’ll be even more powerful when we’re connected.

Which brings me to what I’m talking about today.

Why It’s Essential That You Continually Release Your Blocks...

Using Ho’o Ku’u, once you clear your blocks, they’re GONE. 

Ho’o Ku’u is the equivalent of years of therapy and coaching completed in a matter of minutes.

I’ve seen clients clear decades worth of baggage within a few minutes…

I’ve seen chronic, physical conditions instantly shift…

And I’ve seen many more transformations that simply weren’t possible, if it weren’t for this technique. (Including my own, but that’s a story for another time.)

Other Blocks Will Start Popping Up...

Remember, once your unconscious mind feels like it’s ready to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, it will do so.

And a large part of your unconscious mind feeling safe to do so is knowing that it has techniques to release your blocks.

So if you clear out issues in relationships… 

Other anger, sadness, fear, or guilt can pop up. Either in relationships, or in other areas of your life.

I’ve had my high level coaching clients come to me for a breakthrough in one area of life.

We’ll completely clear out blocks in that one area…

Then inevitably, blocks in other areas of their life will present themselves. So we’ll follow up and clear out those blocks, too.

More Importantly...

As you grow and evolve, you’ll have more blocks present themselves to you.

For example, you wouldn’t have negative emotions and blocks pop up about taking care of your baby…

If you’re single and not even dating, let alone pregnant.

You wouldn’t have blocks come up about leading a team of 20 people… If you just started a solo-practice. 

You may not get nervous speaking to one stranger, or a group of strangers…

But speaking in front of 200 people? 

It’s the same problem… But at a higher level. 

If you’re reading this, and especially if you’ve made it this far, I know you’re committed to your growth. 

And that’s just the reality of personal development…

As You Grow, You’ll Have New Blocks Arise As You Step More And More Into Your Potential... 

The only way to not experience any new baggage is to stay at home, and shut yourself off from the world. 

But that’s no way to live your life. 

And that means the death of your evolution.

I Want To Help And Support You Through Removing Your Blocks...

As a Kumu (which means teacher) of Huna, it’s my mission to spread these teachings and tools… And to empower and heal as many people as I can.

These teachings have largely been kept underground and quiet on purpose - in order to keep them preserved.

But now that it’s 2022… People are more open minded than ever before, and they’re wanting more fulfillment and empowerment in life. 

So it’s time to bring these teachings and techniques back.

My Kumu also gave me the title of Kumu in 2016, and since tasked me to be one of 5 people on the planet responsible for spreading these teachings.

Even before studying Huna specifically for over 15 years…

I’ve always made it my life’s mission to serve, heal, and empower individuals, and help them reach their maximum potential.

For most of my life, that has meant working with individuals one-on-one. 

I’ve worked with clients from all over the world. To this day, I still do. I have clients in Switzerland, Australia, England - you name it. 

But no matter how far apart my clients and I are - their blocks get cleared with Ho’o Ku’u. 

If we’re connected, the process works just as well remotely, as in person.

So now, I want to spread Ho’o Ku’u to as many people as possible.

And I’ve found the solution.

And that’s what this letter is for!

If you’re ready to get over the blocks preventing you from moving toward health, wealth, presence, and happiness...

If you’re ready to breakthrough, and drop any spiritual, mental, or emotional limitations that have hindered you...

If you’re ready to reach your next level of healing, growth, development, and evolution...

What I want to officially invite you to, is to…

Join Me For Monthly Ho’o Ku’u Sessions Online!

Ho’o Ku’u is the equivalent of years, even decades of therapy and coaching to clear your blocks - in just minutes.

Imagine being able to instantly dissolve mental and emotional blocks that have been holding you back... 
Imagine being in total control of your emotional state, never getting stuck overanalyzing, and always being able to make progress on your goals in a cool, calm, centered and balanced way…
Imagine approaching everyday from a state of total abundance and fulfilment, instead of lack, scarcity, and the pain that follows...

And imagine having success in one area of your life multiplying out into every area of your life. 

How would your life improve if you hit all your financial goals? 
Or all your health goals?
Or all your relationship goals?

How would you feel, knowing that you’re living your purpose, doing what you’re meant to be doing, enjoying your work, and making a big impact along the way?

If you’re ever feeling off, unfulfilled, unmotivated, stuck, confused, lost or frustrated… 

If you know you run unsuccessful patterns, or self sabotage in one way or another...

If you’ve ever experienced situations that left you feeling disempowered...

We’ll change that in just a few minutes by going through the Ho’o Ku’u process and clearing your blocks.

Clearing your blocks is the missing key… 

It’s what can finally get you to the health, wealth, relationships, love, connection, fulfillment, and happiness that you want...

And the best part is all you have to do is close your eyes and follow along.

Here’s How It’ll Work:

Once a month, I’ll personally lead you and whoever is signed up through the process.

We’ll get on a zoom webinar and clear out any anger, sadness, fear, and guilt that’s ready to release…

Then we’ll clear out any limiting beliefs in your system…

And then we’ll have time for some coaching - you can ask me any questions you want to ask. 

I’ll call the energy. Then have you ask your unconscious mind to activate any blocks… And have your Higher Self come in and remove the blocks.

I’ll also be sending extra energy to help remove your blocks…

And that’s it! It’s that simple.

To prep you for the monthly webinar sessions, as soon as you sign up, I’ll send you more information and conscious content about Huna and Ho’o Ku’u. 

You don’t have to know any of this to be successful with releasing your blocks, but it’s helpful.

And I’ll also send you some “deep dive discovery questions” for you to reflect on, to help you release deeper and deeper levels of blocks.

I’ll also send you a recording of a full Ho’o Ku’u process, so that you can start clearing your blocks right away. And so you can clear any of your blocks that pop up in between sessions. 

The process is more powerful when we’re connected. 

That’s because I’ll send energy to help bring up deeper blocks. 

And I’ll also have my students assisting with energy and the release process…

But the recording will be an immense help in keeping you unblocked and progressing towards your goals. 

Speaking of which, you’ll also get recordings of each monthly webinar. 

So if you can’t make the sessions, you’ll still get your blocks cleared, and you’ll still get access to all the content we go over in the Q&A and coaching sessions.

Here’s what some of my students have had to say about Huna and the Ho’o Ku’u process:

“I Was Burning Out Often And Having A Hard Time Keeping Up With My Well-Being.”

-Jocelyn Burke, MA Ed. 
"I found Ho’o Ku’u after practicing other healing modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and yoga, and while I was skeptical at first, I can now say it is my favorite modality to work with personally and professionally. At first I found it hard to understand how to work with and apply this concept of "energy". I was burning out often and having a hard time keeping up with my well-being. Doing work with Dr. Patrick really helped me to see how I could better work with energy in my own life for my own healing and well-being. Now, I absolutely love the incredible amount of energy I have been able to tap into on a daily basis through Huna practices I have integrated into my life! "

“Focusing On Ho'o Ku'u Allowed Me To Create Change At The Deepest Level” 

- Argel Algura
"Before Huna, I had taken the time to learn a wide variety of modalities that were about creating rapid results for clients, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release, and Tony Robbins' RMT coaching program. Although I still continue to use those skills I learned from other studies, focusing on Ho'o Ku'u allowed me to create change at the deepest level. 
Also, since working with Dr. Patrick Scott, I’ve gotten in touch with my spiritual nature. I’m now guided by both my higher self and my intuition. I easily say no to opportunities that are not right or congruent for me, and that makes all the projects I’m involved with fulfilling at a much deeper level than just trading time for money."

“Huna Energy Work Is Like A Cheat Code To Feel Good, Have More Energy, Have More Clarity, And Have More Direction.”

- Isaac Owens
“I use the Huna techniques I learned from Kumu Patrick to preserve and protect my energy. When I’m feeling mental fog, I use them to increase my clarity. When I’m feeling drowsy, I also use them to give myself a boost. Huna energy work is like a cheat code to feel good, have more energy, have more clarity, and have more direction.”

“Working With Dr. Patrick Scott Was The Breakthrough I’ve Been Waiting For, For Years! Every Single Area Of My Life Has Measurably Improved.”

- Darryl Elvina
“Working with Dr. Patrick Scott was the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for for years! Every single area of my life has measurably improved. My income has increased. I’m finding more fulfillment from my work than ever before. My relationships are getting deeper, especially with myself. I’m hitting health goals that I’ve had for awhile, but could never seem to reach. And on most days, I’m in a default state of being happy. I’m consistently making progress on all areas of my life, though I’m not nearly as hard on myself as I was before Dr. Patrick Scott’s teachings. 

A year ago I wouldn’t have even thought of myself as really spiritual… But getting in touch with spirituality has been one of the most profound shifts I’ve ever had. 

It’s not like Huna is a magic pill… But the Huna techniques for getting rid of mental and emotional blocks, getting past old broken patterns and replacing them with ones that serve you, and of course, all the energy work… It’s been so so amazing. It’s almost scary to think of where I would have ended up in five years without Huna… And not a day goes by without me recommending Dr. Patrick Scott to one of my friends!”
Until Now, You Would Have Had To Be A Coaching Client To Get This Level Of Breakthrough...

Normally, only my coaching clients who pay me $60,000 or $30,000 a year get access to me leading them through this level of breakthrough.

It’s absolutely worth it, and their before and after results are completely remarkable. 

If you want to be able to do the Ho’o Ku’u process on your own…

I recommend it, but that’ll take a year, two full 10-day Huna trainings in Kona Hawaii, plus travel, food, and lodging - so that’s roughly $10,000 total. 

About 100 students show up at every Huna training in Hawaii from all over the world - again, it is absolutely worth it.

But I realize that investing over $10,000 dollars and 20 days again and again can be a challenge logistically and financially.

And, I don’t want that to prevent you from clearing your blocks, and achieving your goals.
My mission as a Kumu of Huna is to spread this knowledge, and empower as many people as I can. 

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to offer you this online method of Ho’o Ku’u. 

And don’t worry, you’re not paying anywhere near $60,000, $30,000, or $10,000.

Today...Your Investment In These Monthly Ho’o Ku’u Sessions Will Only Be $97 A Month!

That’s right… The investment for Ho’o Ku’u online will only be $97 a month! 

That’s far less than the price of a competent therapist or coach,

Less than any good personal development training or program,

And your investment comes out to about $3.23 a day, less than the price of a Starbucks coffee.

I've had some clients say this online Ho'o Ku'u session is even more powerful than having an in person session with me... Because they feel same and comfortable eliminating their blocks at home.

So click the button below and sign up now.

I'm Going To Be Raising The Price To $197...But If You're Reading This, You Can Still Lock In Your Investment At Only $97 A Month...

I'm going to be raising the price to $197...

Both because of how powerful these sessions are, and because I'll be adding an additional session soon to make it two live sessions per month. 

But if you're reading this in time, you can still get in at $97 per month, and lock in that price for life, even when I change it to two (or more) live sessions per month.


No more anger.
No more sadness.
No more fear.
No more guilt.
No more limiting beliefs getting in the way of living the life you want. 

In short, Ho’o Ku’u will help you to reach your maximum potential and become a completely empowered individual.
So…Click the button below and sign up now!

Here's Exactly What You're Getting:

Monthly Ho’o Ku’u Webinars - We’ll clear your blocks live on Zoom Webinars, once a month. You'll be sent the links via email. Get over the blocks preventing you from moving towards health, wealth, and happiness and manifesting your goals. Any spiritual, mental, or emotional block in your way WILL be cleared, guaranteed.
Q&A And Coaching - After we clear your blocks, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you want. Patients normally pay me thousands of dollars to get access to me...But this is also included with your membership!
Recordings of all Monthly Webinars - Even if you can’t make the webinars live, you’ll never miss any content we cover. 
“Deep Dive Discovery Questions” - These are powerful reflection questions that will help you release deeper and deeper blocks, and get crystal clear on your goals
Recording Of The Full Ho’o Ku’u Process - You can also use this recording to clear any blocks that pop up in between monthly webinars. The more blocks you clear, the faster you’ll grow and evolve!
A 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - So You Don’t Have Any Risk On Your Shoulders. Feel Confident In Signing Up For Monthly Ho’o Ku’u!

No One Else Will Ever Do This…But You’re Also Protected By 
My 90 Day Guarantee

I know these are big claims. 

I know claiming that Ho’o Ku’u is the most powerful technique you’ll ever find for clearing negative emotions, past traumas, and limiting beliefs may seem crazy.

I know that you still may be skeptical, even after experiencing the energy for yourself on this page…

That’s why I’m doing something I’ve never done before:

I’m offering you a 90 day money back guarantee. 

I’ve never offered a guarantee for coaching, or for working with clients. 

But I acknowledge and appreciate that you may not know me that well, or truly understand what the full process of Ho’o Ku’u can do for you - not until you try it.

I really, really don’t want that getting in the way of you removing your blocks, healing, and evolving into the next version of yourself.

So I’m putting all the risk onto my shoulders. You have nothing to worry about.

Sign up now. Try out the monthly Ho’o Ku’u Webinars. And if you feel like they haven’t made a difference in your life, then just email me back, and I’ll give you a complete refund.

No hard feelings, and we can part as friends. In fact, in case you do sign up and end up wanting a refund, I’ll thank you in advance.

Thank you for suspending your doubts, giving Ho’o Ku’u a shot, and helping me spread this amazing tool of empowerment to more people.

But, I doubt that you’d want to do that. 

Not if you believe in growth… 
Not if you believe in doing what you’re meant to do… 
And especially not if you’ve read this far.

You’re literally getting the same kind of breakthroughs that my coaching clients who pay $60,000 or $30,000 a year get.

This is the lowest price I’ve ever offered for any kind of work with me… 

And the price will go up soon to $197 a month, especially when we go from 1 to 2 live sessions per month.

But - if you take me on on the subscription now, you’ll lock in the $97 price for life. And you can cancel at any time. 

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What Is Your Growth And Living Your Purpose Worth To You?

I see so many people lately, from astrologers to therapists, to all kinds of “conscious” people saying we need to release old patterns and old wounds. 
But almost none of them show you effective ways to remove your blocks. Certainly not in a way that’s as powerful as Ho’o Ku’u. 
There are countless personal development books, programs, and trainings that talk about different strategies, ways to think, how to be, what to do…
But none of those will make a lasting, permanent, BIG difference if you don’t clear out the blocks that have been preventing you from acting successfully in the first place.
I’m guessing if you’re here, you’ve already heard, attended, or spent a bunch of money on these other trainings and programs. 
And If you’re still here, I’m guessing that you still aren’t where you want to be.
What pains me even more is that there are so many talented individuals like you, with your own unique gifts, who have amazing contributions to give to the world…
Yet their blocks get in the way of them actualizing their potential, sharing their gifts, and being who they’re meant to be.
What’s it worth to you to finally live your purpose, be who you’re meant to be, and do what you were meant to do, without these blocks getting in your way?
What’s it worth to you, to finally achieve all the goals you’ve wanted to achieve?
What’s it worth to you, to finally end being stuck and the feeling of “I’m not enough”?
With the 90 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to risk, nothing to lose, and so much to gain.
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Dr. Patrick Scott
P.S. One last thing…
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